1971Mr. Hsi-Lin Chen, Dr. Merle Pindell and Dr. Joseph Lein founded Panlabs Taiwan, Ltd. to conduct pharmacological studies.Joseph Lien
1975Panlabs expanded to establish the Panlabs Fermentation Laboratories for microbial strain and fermentation development.
1983Acquired an American biotech company, Biosyn Genetic Corporation, and formed Panlabs International. The new biotech laboratory is setup in Seattle.
1995Acquired by MDS Group and renamed to MDS Panlabs Inc.
2000MDS Group renamed to MDS Pharma Services and its subsidiary division renamed to MDS Pharma Services Fermentation Technologies
2005The subsidiary division spinoff to form Panlabs Biologics
2013Additional investment of 108,503,570 NTD. The total capital value is at 208,503,570 NTD. A new molecular biology group is created for innovative biotech research.