Contract Research Organization Service

Panlabs Biologics is the world’s leading contract research organizations with more than 180 completed cases since 1976. Through years of strain development effort, we have established a reputation as the best industrial fermentation partner, with over 90% of our achievements are highly recognized by clients. Our customers repeatedly turn to us for reliable and high-quality deliverables.

We have a large number of internationally renowned customers encompassing major pharmaceuticals, emerging biotech, green energy companies, agro-chemical and food additive manufacturers. Our clients are located in Europe, North America, Japan, India, China and Taiwan. The list includes Eli Lilly, Merck, Schering Plough, Wyeth in the US; GlaxoSmithKline, Fine Agrochemicals in Great Britain; Sanofi in France; DSM in Netherlands; Asahi Chemicals, Sankyo in Japan.

On the basis of over 40 years experiences, Panlabs Biologics offers contract services for all types of primary and secondary metabolites produced by microorganisms, including antibiotics, anti-tumor agents, amino acids, enzymes, enzymes inhibitors, antioxidants, biofuels, hypo-cholesterolemic agents, immunosuppressive agents, organic acids, vitamins, etc.